Hypnotherapy - Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking - FOR LIFE!

This program is designed to assist you in quitting smoking, FOR LIFE! People smoke for a whole host of reasons...
The top 4 reasons why people want to stop smoking are:

  • Health: If you stop smoking at age 50 it can halve your risk of smoking related death. Stopping b age 30 avoidsalmost all of he excess risk, Stopping at ANY age will result in health gains.
  • Money: A smoker of a packet a day will save $6,000 a year. Imagine saving 6K a year! Holidays overseas every year, pay your morgage early, make any finacial goal a reality
  • Control: Take control of your life. You will no longer be dependant on cigarettes. Use hypnosis to quit smoking and you will ease off nicoine without the worry, stress or struggle that most people experience.
  • Social Pressure: Smokers form approximately 18% of the population and are increasingly ostracized publicly and in work environments. Feel the elation when you reach the goal of every smoker - FREEDOM!

  • Creating Positive Lasting Change

    The program is 3 sessions, which consists of 2 hours minimum in the first session and 1 hour each for the two following sessions. It is based on personalized tailored hypnotherapy and counselling. I combine hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)both which are completely safe and natural. You are aware and in control at every moment. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience. The process does not carry and risks unlike many quit smoking drugs, these are often ineffective and have side effects such as depression and suicidal feelings.

    This Method Works!

    All you need to do is have a desire to quit smoking Hypnosis works because it bypasses willpower and addresses the part of the mind where habits are stored - the subconscious. Hypnosis "switches off" the desire to smoke at the source. Over a 90.6% success rate was reported in the International Journal for Clinical ad Experimental Hypnosis.

    Imagine what your life will be like when you quit smoking permanently

    You will experience:-

    • Improved health and energy - You will breathe clearly and feel better than you have in years
    • The money you will save - Imagine what you could be spending that money on instead? A holiday? Something new for yourself?
    • The years you will add to your life - What could be better than this?
    • The amazing feeling of achieving - Never

    So if you want to quit smoking and find out what is envolved in the three sessions, give Julie a call on (02) 6550 0336, or pop into the store 130 Victoria Street Taree 2430. Julie will be only too happy to go through the details with you, it is the personal touch that makes it very worthwhile.

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