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What is Power Plate? As the global leader in whole body vibration technology, Power Plate redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability. Manufactured to the highest health and safety standards, each Power Plate is precisely engineered to apply the science behind the body’s natural response to destabilization. The Power Plate platform uses a consistent, safe and controlled level of vibration that moves in three directions (up and down, front and back, and side to side). From rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments to rehabilitation and therapeutic massage, Power Plate provides exceptional results. With an unparalleled aesthetic, featuring exquisite lines and attention to detail, Power Plate offers exceptional beauty and unrivaled results in an all-encompassing solution. Whether you want to look better, feel better, or play better, Power Plate is the solution.

Due to the low impact of Acceleration Training exercise, Power Plate equipment allows people of all ages and fitness levels to use the machine for rehabilitative benefit.

One such organisation which uses Power Plate equipment is Spinal Cord Injuries Australia Walk On project (www.scia.com.au). Walk On utilise the Power Plate machine in rehabilitation for those with Spinal Cord injuries to increase circulation and condition the muscles which are no longer active.
For more information please contact Power Plate Australia o 1300 411 495 or www.powerplate.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions!

    How does the Power Plate work?
  • Engineered precisely to apply the body’s natural reflexive response to vibration, Power Plate technology uses a vibrating platform, which moves 25 to 50 times per second resulting in corresponding muscle activation. The vibrations are harmonic, which are safe, consistent and controlled levels of vibration, moving in three directions (up and down, forwards and backwards and side to side).

    Will using Power Plate help me lose weight?
  • Significant weight loss is often reported by those who use Power Plate regularly in conjunction with a healthy, diet. One of the reasons for this is increased lymphatic flow and associated removal of biological waste, and retained fluid. Research shows, when used as part of an active lifestyle, Power Plate may have a significant impact upon the reduction of body fat. This may occur due to increases in metabolism both during and following exercise.

    Can I use Power Plate without performing any other exercise?
  • Many people who use Power Plate with no other exercise are happy with their results. We do advise users to also engage in some form of cardiovascular exercise. It is important to remember that Power Plate can be used in conjunction with many other forms of training and pieces of exercise equipment.

    Who can use Power Plate?
  • We advise everyone to contact their physician or specialist before using Power Plate and recommend they do not start training without first obtaining medical clearance to exercise. If you are currently active, cleared for exercise, and perform weight-bearing exercise, such as weight training or jogging, you are likely to be a good candidate for training on Power Plate. However, every person should be examined on an individual basis by a licensed medical practitioner. As with any form of exercise, if you feel faint, dizzy or ill while working out on Power Plate, you should cease your session immediately. Consult your doctor or specialist before restarting your training.

    Is vibration training safe?
  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of Power Plate users across the world, who have been exercising on the device for many years. Such widespread use with no reported negative effects over an extended period demonstrates the safety of training on Power Plate. As with any form of exercise, there are certain pre-existing medical conditions, which may make Power Plate an unsuitable option.

    Can I use Power Plate every day?
  • As with most forms of training, Power Plate will generate fatigue in the body. This fatigue is what stimulates the body to adapt and develop, but too much training results in excessive fatigue and overtraining. As a very general guide we would suggest two to three training sessions per week, each lasting between 15 and 30 minutes and leaving 48 to 72 hours for recovery between sessions. We recommend you seek advice from a certified Power Plate trainer prior to your first session.

Vibration Gets Medical

This accreditation also supported the claim that exercise on the Power Plate machine can, as part of a wider treatment program, assist with the following conditions:

Power Plate Prices

Initial Consultation: - $10.00

10 Minutes: - $10.00

20 Minutes: - $18.00

30 Minutes: - $25.00


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