Visiting Clairvoyant

Joyce B. Duncan - Medium and Psychic

My Encounters with the Spirit World Book

  • Do you know what it's like to talk to spirits?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost, or wondered what happens to our loved ones when they die?
  • Maybe you've sensed a presence in the house but not known how to deal with it...
  • Medium and Psychic, Joyce B. Duncan, can not only talk with spirits, she can see them too

With over 40 years of spiritual and psychic encounters, Joyce has met with many people, touching their hearts and lives and connecting them with their loved ones on the other side. One day her son asked her to stop these "devil practices" and send the spirits away. Because she loved him, she did, closing the veil she'd worked so hard to open.

In 1997 her son died in tragic circumstances, only now, she could neither see him or speak to him as once she could. Devastated, she begged Spirit to return her gifts, but it seemed her prayers went unanswered as time dragged on. Then, two years ago a Spirit-lady came to her and said she must record her spiritual experiences in a book, for Spirit has a message that must be shared among the developing psychics and mediums everywhere - one she herself knew all too well:

Never, ever give up your gifts. She began writing straight away, for she was also promised that for every account recorded, she would receive one of her gifts back. My Encounters with the Spirit World is the realization of her life's dream, a journey of happiness and sadness, a wealth of knowledge and often, deeply personal. Share the experience with her...

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